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D. Renee Christensen, Ph.D., CEAP, CISM
Fullerton, California 92833
Phone 714-494-6592


     Dr. Christensen has 32 plus years experience in the areas of Critical Incident Debriefing Management and Organizational Development.  
     Her multiple degrees include a Ph.D. and Masters in Industrial Management, Ph.D. in Naturopathy and a B.S. in Industrial Psychology.  She holds training and organizational development certifications with Franklin Covey and Teleometrics International, as an Employee Assistance Professional, Critical Incident Stress Debriefer, Workplace Violence Specialist, and Substance Abuse Professional along with being an Honored Professional of the National Who’s Who of Executives and Professionals.  
     Dr. Christensen has owned or managed businesses since 1982 and is considered a leading expert in the arenas of training and critical incident stress debriefings.  
     She has been active in the critical incident/trauma environments, creating a specialized program for dealing with the operators of bus and rail for the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority where treatment and cisd’s were restructured and there by lowered the workers compensation related cost by greater than 50%.  
     Following 911 Dr. Christensen was the back up CISD provider for American Airlines at LAX and the primary CISM for Long Beach and Orange County airports. In addition to these scenarios, Dr. Christensen has worked closely with paramedic agencies, the Orange County Sheriff’s department and multiple elementary and junior high school districts in Southern California as well as banking and restaurant businesses nationwide.

First Certification in Mitchell’s Model in 1984.  Two subsequent renewals of certification via Orange County Fire/Police and Westminster Fire Departments.

Dissertation:  Serious Emotional Trauma, An Issue for Industry and Business.
Studied the effects of non-work related traumatic events occurring at work.  Primary focus with the CDC and infectious disease control.  Study took on the long term and different treatment guidelines for industrial trauma other than standard trip and fall or accidents in which the victim was part of causation.

Violence in the Workplace Trauma Team: 1992-1996
OC Trauma Team: 1990-1996
American Airlines 911 Team: 2001-2003
Orange County Child Abuse Investigative Debriefer: 2003-2005
MTA Trauma Program Creator and Lead: 2003-2005

DEBRIEFING STATISTICS:  32 years of service
2957 + debriefing sessions
30142 individuals serviced

Ph.D. Industrial Management
Ph.D. Naturopathy: N.D.
Masters of Science in Industrial Management
Bachelors In Science in Industrial Psychology, Minor in Finance.
1.Franklin Covey Trainer (4 Roles of Leadership and 7 Habits)
2.Teleometrics International Trainer
3.Employee Assistance Professional 
4.Critical Incident Stress Debriefer 
5.Honored Professional of the National Who’s Who of Executives and Professionals.
6.Workplace Violence/Trauma Specialist 
7.Substance Abuse Professional

Professional experience
D. Renee Christensen, Inc., DBA Trauma Response Services,Fullerton, CA6/96-Present

Employee Support Systems Company, Orange, CA 9/02-3/05

      Primary roles and achievements:  (1) Marketing Responsibilities, (2) Created a new product line and increased market share by  offering a more holistic approach to EAP’s, (3) Staff development, and continued education to improve, empower and energize the workforce, (4) In-house training and development (created a monthly training program which facilitated the growth of our employees), (5) Increasing list of available resources for trainings and programs for our client companies, and (6) Improved the existing skills, development and oversight of all CISD work provided to our clients.

Employee Support Systems Company, Orange, CA4/84-6/96
President/CEO/Owner 15 years